Knowledge Center- PVPSIT


Aims and Objectives

The main objective of Knowledge Center - PVPSIT is to transfer the knowledge through various innovative approaches in order to foster and facilitate the participation of faculty and students and to set common standards.
This society aims to provide a reliable framework for teaching community and assuring the quality of the workplace training for people (both faculty and students) in PVPSIT. 
The knowledge center within the premises is an initiative of the foundation through which the dynamic specific information, that can be delivered based on domain-specific and demand-driven approach.

Aims and Objectives

  • Developing a creative and learning culture throughout the institution
  • Maximizing the impact of research and productivity
  • Respecting the local culture, values and needs of the teaching communities
  • Building on the right opportunities
  • Securing sustainable partnerships and networks that deliver mutual opportunities and benefits
  • Developing and retaining exceptional staff with outstanding research backgrounds

Our Vision will be achieved by continuing to:

  • Create positive change
  • Maintain interactive environment through learning strategies
  • develop center of excellence

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